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Machine Learning

Mastering Feature Engineering: Techniques to Boost Your Machine Learning Models

Introduction Feature engineering is a critical step in the machine learning pipeline that involves transforming raw data into meaningful featu…

5 Tips to Fix Your Machine Learning Model that Performs Well on Training Data But Not on Real Data

Why Your Model Fails on Real Data: The Troubleshooting Guide You Need Table of Contents Are you struggling with a model that perf…

ChatGPT: The Future of Conversational AI | How it works | Applications | Challenges

Table of Contents ChatGPT: The Future of Conversational AI Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular in various industries as a way …

Data Analyst Learning Path 📌 - Roles, Best Courses

Table of Contents Data Analst - Roles & Responsibitlities      The role of a data analyst is to gather, process, and analyze large…

How to split a dataset into training and testing data sets for Machine Learning

Table of Contents Introduction      Training and testing datasets are subsets of a larger dataset used in machine learning to develop a…

Simple Linear Regression - Machine Learning

SIMPLE LINEAR REGRESSION About Linear Regression L inear regression is an effective and commonly used machine learning algorithm that …

Must know Machine Learning Models

Machine Learning Models      A machine learning model is a mathematical representation of a real-world process or system. It is created using algor…
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