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Data Preprocessing | Data Cleaning | Outliers Detection

Data Preprocessing

Data preprocessing is a crucial step in data analysis that involves cleaning, transforming, and organizing data before performing any analysis. Pandas is a popular Python library that provides powerful tools for data preprocessing. Here are some common steps in data preprocessing with pandas:

  1. Loading data: The first step in data preprocessing is to load the data into pandas. You can use pandas' read_csv() function to read CSV files or read_excel() function to read Excel files.
  2. Handling missing values: Missing values can cause issues in data analysis. Pandas provides functions like isna(), fillna(), and dropna() to handle missing values.
  3. Removing duplicates: Duplicates in the dataset can skew the analysis results. The drop_duplicates() function in pandas can be used to remove duplicates.
  4. Handling outliers: Outliers can have a significant impact on analysis results. Pandas provides functions like describe() and quantile() to identify outliers and handle them.
  5. Handling categorical variables: Categorical variables are non-numeric data types. Pandas provides functions like get_dummies() and LabelEncoder() to handle categorical variables.
  6. Normalizing data: Normalizing data involves scaling data to a standard range. The StandardScaler() function in pandas can be used to normalize data.
  7. Aggregating data: Aggregating data involves grouping data by certain attributes and performing calculations on the groups. Pandas provides the groupby() function to perform data aggregation.
  8. Merging data: Merging data involves combining multiple datasets into one. Pandas provides the merge() function to merge datasets.
  9. Reshaping data: Reshaping data involves changing the structure of data. Pandas provides functions like pivot() and melt() to reshape data.

By performing these common steps in data preprocessing with pandas, data analysts can get cleaner and more organized data that can be used for further analysis. 

Example Notebook for Data Preprocessing

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